Human Resources

Our HR professional can help e.g. with employment contracts, temporarily replace an internal HR manager, help with hiring or deal with complex HR projects such as training programs or a performance management.

Human Resources is at the heart of every larger company. It reflects the company's vision and strategy, must comply with employment law and should not bring unnecessary administration. Smaller companies often appreciate short-term help, setting up systems and contracts or just expert advice.

Our clients and services we frequently provide

One-time consultations Incoming and outgoing employee documentation   Recruitment •  Headhunting •  Trainings •  Employment contracts    Internal regulations & policies    GDPR    Complicated employment situations and prevention of employment disputes Labour Law consultations Outplacement Material liability Training of internal human resource staff •  Complete outsourcing and/or recruitment of human resource staff  •  Creation of benefits programs • Compensation strategy

In the field of Human Resources, it doesn’t pay to handle problems at the moment they present themselves. It is important to properly set up employment contracts, internal regulations, keep track of important changes in the law, and protect employers and employees. We have handled many complicated situations so that we can save you a lot of time and needless stress. Do you have a quick question, for example – “Does salary need to be set in an employment contract?” Do you need help with a large recruitment campaign or rather, initiating lay-offs? All you have to do is contact us. We offer all of these services in English and for English-speaking employees as well.

We will handle your Human Resource needs, from one-time consultations to complete outsourcing and recruitment.

Are you interested in the external HR services? Try us - the first consultation (up to 20 minutes) is free.

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