We're in Prague 1 and Prague 6, but we can come to you anywhere and work online.

Experienced professionals and young keen helpers under their supervision.

We're fair with you, ourselves, and the law. We optimize your taxes, but never bend the rules.

You can access your accounting 24/7 online, no matter where you are.


We will adapt the scope and method of accounting to your needs, as well as provide proper output and reporting. We will handle your accounting needs whether you are a small-business owner, small- or medium-sized company, municipality, school, or association. We are able to prepare basic financial analyses and financial planning in order to support the management of your finances. Do you need financial help? Contact us with no obligation. It is unnecessary for you to focus on details and waste time because in the time it takes to have a short phone call or write an email, we can identify your needs, as well as offer our customized services. Your accounting worries can become a thing of the past.


Don’t let taxes catch you off guard. We will help you find ways to save on your taxes, file all necessary tax forms and can represent you in dealing with the financial offices. We file taxes for individuals as well as corporations. Naturally, every taxpayer wishes to pay the least amount in taxes. In order to help you with this, it is necessary to consider a broader range of options and often, think in the long-term. It is not always true that savings on your taxes in one tax period is beneficial long-term. The better we get to know your situation, the more effectively we can minimize your tax burden.

Setting up companies

We will quickly walk you through the process of establishing a company or "živno", including the subsequent registration of individual taxes. If you decide to choose us as your accounting firm, we provide discounts for this process.


We'll take care of your payroll - and you won't have to take care of the details, changes in law or how to cover your payroll accountant's holiday. You'll get the expert view and can finally relax.


Do you just have a quick question - e.g. how to write an employee contract? Or do you need help with recruitment or outplacement? Are you searching for external HR professional, need ad hoc advice or long term cooperation? Contact us. We offer all our services in English and Czech.

Public and non-profit sector

We manage the accounting for public and private non-profit organizations. We have extensive experience in the field of accounting and reporting to the municipality, school, and subsidized organizations including matters related to subsidies. We support the public and non-profit sector with our transparent pricing.

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    5 star review  

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