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We manage the accounting for public and private non-profit organizations. We have extensive experience in the field of accounting and reporting to the municipality, school, and subsidized organizations including matters related to subsidies. We support the public and non-profit sectors with our transparent pricing. The image that frequently comes to mind when discussing non-profit organizations is associations who do not follow even the most basic legal requirements, oftentimes due to a lack of time. We are happy to take care of these basic accounting needs. We will account for your cash and non-cash gifts, grants, and donations.

Our clients and services we frequently provide

Schools    Kindergartens    Municipalities    Subsidized organizations    Internal regulations    Specialized accounting and statistical output    Statistical reports    Consulting and advising    Non-profit associations

We enjoy handling issues for public and non-profit organizations. From internal regulations and accounting to specialized accounting and statistical outputs. We are happy to take care of your organization and become your trusted partner. Rádi se o vaší organizaci postaráme a staneme se vaším spolehlivým partnerem.

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