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From registration and cancellation of social and health insurance, careful payroll processing, online communication, keeping track of changes to tax and labor laws, to communication with state offices during inspections and consultations – everything you would expect from a payroll accountant you will find with us. An additional advantage of outsourcing wage administration is not having to find someone to fill in for ill employees or those on leave, saving you money.

Our clients and services we frequently provide

Payroll accounting, special output, and reporting, statistics   Annual tax settlement for employees   Registrations, cancellations    Representation at state offices Sending pay slips Working in Pohoda - Pamica and other payroll programs and HRISs Payroll processing for employees in foreclosure VAT recapitulative statements Payroll audits Consultation

How will your company balance the number of payroll accountants, how will they handle their absence, benefits, and continuing education in the most current payroll and tax laws? These issues can be handled by outsourcing your payroll accounting - What’s more, it will save you money

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